Don Omar Biography

Don Omar became one of reggaetons first international superstars, thanks to his early-2000s work with Luny Tunes, but even more so to Reggaeton Latino, his 2005 anthem that became one of the styles first genuine crossover hits. Born William Omar Landrón on February 10, 1978, in Villa Palmeras, Puerto Rico, Omar involved himself in the church at a young age. He became a preacher; in fact, and it was in this role that he began honing his performance ability as well as his deep insight into the human soul. He eventually left the church (a matter later addressed in his song Aunque Te Fuiste) and channeled his talents toward music. It wasnt that far of a stretch from his days in the church, and Omar quickly took to the burgeoning reggaeton movement then sweeping through Puerto Rico. His big break came courtesy of Héctor el Bambino (aka Héctor el Father) of the popular duo Héctor Tito. Initially Omar produced and wrote songs for the duo, but it wasnt long before he was given the opportunity to collaborate with them vocally, as featured on the song A la Reconquista. His solo career took off around this same time, with one of his first hits being Desde Que Llego in 2002. He made his album debut the following year on the VI Music label.

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